Ioanna K.



Ioanna K.

Ioanna’s love of piano began at the age of 6 at the Nepean School of Music. She was passionate to learn and someday teach piano, much like her mother, who was also a teacher at NSM.

Over the years, Ioanna learned and mastered a wide variety of skills, including scales, theory, ear training, and more. She took a particular liking to ear training which enabled her to combine two of her interests together: pop songs and piano. With this skill, Ioanna enjoys listening to a song and then translating it to be played on the piano.

Ioanna’s musical expertise also ranges across other instruments as well. In high school, she also played flute and alto saxophone in her school’s concert band. She performed at many concerts and competitions as well as taking music classes offered at school.

Ioanna strives to make her students comfortable with voicing their specific interests concerning piano. She hopes that letting them pursue their interests will provide them with an even better piano learning experience.