Jason T.

Guitar, Ukulele, Drums


Jason T.

Tobin has been a performing musician for over a decade. He is well versed in many genres of music, ranging from folk and blues to rock and metal. He has experience both as a musician and as a sound engineer. He believes music is an important part of life.

Tobin’s interest in playing a wide range of instruments started in high school, where he would play in whichever section the band needed to fill. Since then, he has moved onto more contemporary instruments like guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, and a variety of folk based wind instruments. He enjoys picking up new instruments and finding new ways to use them.

Knowing that each student learns differently, Tobin caters his lessons to support his students in a way that promotes improvement while keeping music fun. He believes that practice is a very important part of every student’s progression, so keeping it from feeling like a chore is the best way to encourage growth.