Peter is a full time professional Canadian musician and co-owner/co-founder of Jackson Miles Music (2010-Present), Quarter Life (2004-2008), and The Bourbon Brothers Band (2001-2009). He has earned a living working as a musician by singing lead and backup vocals, playing acoustic guitar, lead and rhythm electric guitar, banjo, recording, and songwriting for the last 11 years. He has performed on many stages around the world and has charted well over a thousand live performances and studio sessions thus far.

His best effort to marry his love for performance art and entertainment led Peter to attend Carleton University and earn a degree in English Literature with a Minor in Musicology.

Peter’s vocal influences include: David Gray, Cat Stevens, Dave Matthews, Johnny Cash, Martin Sexton, Ben Harper, Ray Charles, Ed Sheeran, James Bay.

His guitar influences include: Dave Matthews, Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brian Setzer, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Ben Harper, Billy Corgan.

Peter aims to help his students see that music is open to interpretation that leads to creativity and emotional expression, which is unique to every individual. One must learn the “rules” first and then learn to “break them” and use them to create their own way. Peter’s main goal is to help his students to reach whatever musical goals they may have.