Taylor H.



Taylor H.

Since the beginning of his musical education at the age of 10, Taylor has always been passionate about playing the drum set. By 13, he was playing professionally with various groups, both through live performances and in studio settings.

Nearing the completion of his high school education, Taylor decided to nourish his interest in music by enrolling at Carleton University. During his studies, Taylor also taught part-time, gigging regularly, while also trying his hand at composition. In both 2011 and in 2012 he was awarded The Robert Fleming Memorial Scholarship for his compositional works. 

Throughout his experiences playing, teaching and learning, Taylor has gained an interest in almost every kind of music (rock, jazz, pop, classical, Latin, metal, funk, hip-hop and more), but he especially appreciates anything with a solid drum track. His lessons are always directed towards his students’ individual goals.

 Taylor’s philosophies with teaching accept the fact that in order for one to persevere through the challenges of learning the drums, the journey has to be fun!