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Music is so much more than simply learning to play an instrument. It also has the power to aid in the development of intellect, ability to focus, stress relief, self confidence, emotional recognition within speech, and of course self fulfillment.

"This is a great place to excel in your craft! Whether that be piano, guitar, flute, bass, drums, violin... you name it! The teachers are very knowledgable and friendly and I highly reccomend NSM"
Paolo Pace
"The instructors are absolutely fabulous - they're knowledgeable and skilled in the art, and they have helped all of us to progress and further our skills in our respective areas."​
Christine Mao​
"I have made tons of progress since I started at NSM. The staff is wonderful and they create a very comforting atmosphere. It's like a family there!"​
Zach Raynor​

Our Location: 900 Greenbank Rd, Nepean, ON K2J 1S8