Brennan A.

Piano, Sax, Flute, Clarinet


Brennan A.

Brennan started playing piano in the year 2000. He studied classical piano for 12 years, completing his RCM level 10 practical examination and level 3 harmony examination with honours. He began working as a music theory tutor in 2010 and after completing high school, where he studied saxophone, he moved to Toronto to study at Humber College, where he also learned how to play flute and clarinet. While living in Toronto, Brennan began working as a musician and often found himself playing multiple genres of music across all four instruments.

Brennan began teaching private music lessons in 2016, teaching all levels of piano and saxophone students and beginner-intermediate flute and clarinet students. After finishing his studies, he moved back to Ottawa and has been teaching at NSM since September 2018, working with students of all ages, levels and interests. 

His experience playing as well as his versatility across multiple instruments makes Brennan a teacher who is eager to explore deeper connections with his students and help them expand their knowledge.